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Ny name is Bob McKeever. This is my history.

I did undergraduate work at the University of California, Riverside from 1962 to 1966. I ran track (440 Yard dash), raced bicycles and
studied mathematics. I went to graduate school at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, where I studied Mathematical Logic. M.Sc in 1968, and
did not make the cut for a PhD.

Metropolitan Life

The 'First Program'

I started with Metropolitan Life Insurance in San Francisco in January, 1970. It used Honeywell mainframes. I was a programmer trainee.
Since Computer Science did not exist in schools, I had never written a computer program. Yet, within a year, I was doing nothing but
special projects and teaching in-house.

After I had been there about six months, I was presented with a set of specs for a program that were created by the New York office.
I read the specs and went back the following morning to talk to my boss about them. I told him that the program, as specified, had
several gaps in its logic and that I could improve the program by filling the holes.

He replied, "No, write it exactly as they specified it."

I went back to my desk, wrote up the program, compiled it, tested it, and I handed it back to my boss a week later.  Hardest program to
write as it was logically incomplete. When I handed him the program deck, I said, "If you give me another one like this, I'll leave."

He never gave me another one like that. Other interesting things as time went on, but I always had the freedom to work "My Way"


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