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Metropolitan Life

Metropolitan Life was an interesting place to work. They had been in San Francisco all through the Great Depression of the 1930's
and still had a company cafeteria available to all staff. During the depression, it was a major benefit to all employees. I was told that
there was a company song that you sang each day (no longer in use), atd so on. People were grateful to have a job. They even had
life insurance policies that you could pay weekly. And, as I recall, there was a banker in San Francisco whose parents purchased a
weekly policy for him, that would walk up the hill, and pay his $0.25 weekly. He said it gave him good exercise. The company
tried to get him to pay monthly or (better) annually, but he always paid weekly. It cost the company more to process his payment
than it was worth. And you can be sure that the banker had figured it out, too.

They would occationally have local sports figures come and do a 'meet and greet' in the cafeteria during lunch. One day, it was
a couple of players from the San Francisco Giants, one of whom was Bobbie Bonds. The Bonds family was from
Riverside, and included Robert who played Pro Football for the Oakland Raiers, and Rosie who was world class hurdler.
Rosiie trained with us at UC Riverside. One fast, and very funny woman. So, when I went up to greet Bobbie, I asked "How is Rosie?"
This took him by surprise, and he brightened coniderably. We chatted about Rosie, what happened with her at the Tokyo Olympics,
his game, etc. As I left, I asked him to say 'Hi' to Rosie, and he said he would.

It felt good to brighten his day talking with him about his brother and sister.

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