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Metropolitan Life

Empire Builders at Met Life.

One morning when I arrived at work, my boss pulled me aside and said that there was a problem with a tape from last night's production.
Figure it out, we will give you the best keypuncher we have, but it has to be fixed before tonights production starts at 5:00 pm.

I had a look at the printouts from the previous evening, figured out what needed to be done, and finished with my coding sheets by noon,
and gave them to the keypuncher, and went upstairs to get something to eat. The program card deck was ready by 1:00 pm.

I took the program deck down to the computer room, and began the task of walking it through the compile phase so I could run it,
and in walks the head of Day Shift Operations who kind-of runs the computer room.

He takes one look at me, and says "McKeever, what the hell are you doing in here?"

I said, "I'm running a job that has to be completed before prooduction starts tonight. If you have a problem with that, go talk to the head of EDP."

The computer room staff had never heard anyone talk to him that way. And you could see the steam coming out of his ears as he stumped
out of the computer room as I went back to what I was doing. The 'fix' worked just fine, and I was done by 4:30 pm, so I went home.

I found out later that, in fact, he HAD gone to the head of EDP, and was told that "He is doing what he has been told to do. Leave him alone."

He and I did not interact much after that.

Empire Builders - don't care for them much. But I never liked the 'political side' of things anyway.

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