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McKeever's Software Wizardry Limited

Judy and I connected in mid-1979.
We incorporated McKeever's Software Wizardry Limited on February 6, 1980.
She immigrated to Canada in August, 1980, and we married on July 4, 1981.

The list of accomplishments runs a full typed page. We did a booking and reservation system
on a Basic/4. The owner bet me I could not make the system in Vancouver communicate with
the one in Hawaii. He lost. We had our honeymoon, delayed, in Hawaii, as a gift. Flights, room, the works.

From 1980 to 1990 or so, we designed, programmed and marketed nine systems on a variety of
systems for clients. In 1988, the provincial government decided that all claims submitted by doctors
had to be done electronically by April, 1989. That date was pushed back to June, 1989. They sent the
specs to the doctors and waited.

I went to the Mac Expo in January, 1988, and found a language which would be suitable to do the project.
So, I went to day 2 of a two day course that they held in Vancouver. The language wass 4th Dimension.
At the course, I met a neurosurgeon who was trying to build his own system. So we collaborated.
He later turned the software over to us. Because of changes in the language, and changes to operating
systems, it has been re-written probably five times (maybe more).

Our first client submitted claims in November, 1988. As it turned out, the most challenging asppect of
dealing with medical offices is changing the way that they book/rebook patients. Office to office, it is
the most complex problem to solve.

Judy and I would bounce ideas for our software, she was a keen observer of how clients interact
with the software, and bug me to make it easier, I could verbily walk through code that was
giving me fits and we would solve it together.

She came up with her own ideas for scheduling with our Medical Office software:
We had a standard 'billing calendar', where for a given day and doctor you can see all the
appointments in a scrolling list.

One Friday afternoon, after having lunch with a client, she came to me and asked if I could
turn the billing caleendar on its side. Rows for doctors and dates, columns for times.

And the Grid was born. I had the alpha version running Sunday evening. It took a year working
with clients to make it fast enough, and add the features that they needed
(not necessariy the ones we thought they needed).

For me, it has proven invaluable to have someone I can bounce ideas off of, I can walk through
code with, and I can learn from the way that she deals with clients.

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