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McKeever's Software Wizardry Limited

In 1989, North wesl Life Assurance called me back in. While they had been bought by a larger
insurance company, two of the systems we did 10 years prior were still running as the new company
could not figure out how to replace them: the Loan System and the Annuity System. I was called
in as there had been legislation passed that mandated changes to the Loan system for January 1, 1990.
So, I'm staring at a program that has my name on it as the author, and I have no recollection of
what it does. A weird feeling. I figured it out, and went down to check out the first run of
1990, which went fine. Then the fellow maintaining the Annuity system came over and asked me
to help him as it had blown up the first run of 1990. I looked, and found the ONLY PLACE in the
system using a 2 digit year. 1990 + 10 yields 2000, so the 2 digit year was zero, and it does not
like to divide by zero. We fixed it, and it continued on. My heart went out to the programmers
that did not write the old code, and did not understand the constraints under which it was written,
dealing with Y2K issues.

Recall what I said about programs that really work have an almost unlimited life time.

Unfortunately, on March 25, 2020, Judy lost her long battle with Vascular Dimentia.
While her first really outward sign that something was amiss was in May, 2012, when she blacked out for
10 minutes or so, leading to a pacemaker in 2016. I lost count of the number of tests that she had.
The last, small blackout in early 2016 led to the diagnosis of heart failure (in the ER!) and the pacemaker.
I can see small, subtle symptoms going back to 2008, maybe further.
The doctors were all really great, but the genetics finally won out.

We travelled everywhere together.
And many have commented on how it was obvious how much we loved one another.
My soulmate.

I am honoring her by passing on to those who want to learn, all that I know.

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